After 3 years of facilitating other creators as a producer, writer or collaborator, Enda Gallery created delush to share his own deepest and truest experiences and realisations. 

delush creates to illuminate self-knowledge, inspire wonder, and help create a future he would love to live in. 

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Strange Boy

With hard hitting, thought-provoking lyrics, Strange Boy’s unique mastery of flow renders him one of the most important rappers of our time.  

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Greg Blakey

Greg Blakey is an Australian born director and cinematographer. Greg has focused his work on social and psychological issues with the aim to provoke conversation and challenge assumptions.

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There is a new wave of electronic producers coming from Berlin and they're making sure that dancing is fun again.

If you have been at all involved in the nightlife around here, chances are you have moved to one of Brigade's eclectic sets. 

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