There is a new wave of electronic producers coming from Berlin and they're making sure that dancing is fun again. If you have been at all involved in the nightlife around here, chances are you have moved to one of Brigade's eclectic sets. 

As an active part of the notorious Keller family, Berlin based Duo Brigade has been mixing leftfield indie techno with a hip hop attitude since 2013. The opposite of dystopian techno and definitely not respectable. After releasing on record labels such as Majestic Casual, Heimlich Musik, Amselcom and 3000 Grad, Brigade slowly developed from a tech house to a funky downtempo liveact over the last couple of years. 

What can you expect? Two guys failing university, with analogue synths and some rusty drum beats. Groovy weirdness inspired by the dirty corner-bars of Berlin-Wedding. Playing livesets with a variation of controllers, live synthesizers and a golden keytar they go wherever needed: Whether it'd be Festivals such as Fusion (GE), Distortion (DN) and Zugvögel (ES) or Clubs like Sisyphos, IFZ and About Blank