After 3 years of facilitating other creators as a producer, writer or collaborator, Enda Gallery created delush to share his own deepest and truest experiences and realisations. 

delush creates to illuminate self-knowledge, inspire wonder, and help create a future he would love to live in. 

He describes this future as one where:

We all live our purpose joyfully.

We won't fear our own power or uniqueness.

We will all feel free to express ourselves without fear.

We will understand and over-stand the mind as a beautiful part of themselves but not suffer it needlessly. 

We are all aware of our oneness with all life and all of our discriminatory problems are in the past.

We will create from the soul and not in a cycle of endless repetition.

We can all speak deeply and truthfully without fear.

We are loved, and we are loving.

It's not all deep and serious though: 

"I also just make music for the sheer fucking joy of it."