Strange Boy

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With hard hitting, thought-provoking lyrics, Strange Boy’s unique mastery of flow renders him one of the most important rappers of our time.  

Anyone on the Irish music scene would have heard of Strange Boy FKA Jonen Dekay. After a powerful performance at Make a Move festival in his home city of Limerick, he began working with Rusangano Family and Deviant/Naive Ted on his debut mixtape: Passionate Example. Since then, he has worked with Px Music and a string of artists such as Hazey Haze, Citrus Fresh, GavinDaVinci, Naive Ted, Mankyy and was featured on delush’s single ‘It’s Alright’

His hard hitting, thought provoking lyrics and the unique mastery of flow make him one of the most important rappers of our time.
”Strange Boy is a national treasure” : District Magazine