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Balancing high-intensity raps with considered spoken word, Willzee electrifies audiences with his fast flows and relentless social commentary.

Willzee is part of a musical movement that brings his hometown Limerick to the top of the Irish rap scene, side by side with his pack members Dyrt, Frantic Ant!x, Size and MCB.

Willzee made his mark on the scene appearing as the lead actor in delush and Strange Boys ‘It’s Alright’ video while currently crafting musical collaborations with delush and UK baseed Mic Reckless which will feature on his upcoming debut in 2020.

Not a man to be pidgeon-holed, Willzee also expresses himself through scriptwriting and directing. He won the 2019 Virgin Media short film competition winning the full production of his film which will be released worldwide after its’ premiere at the DIFF (Dublin International Film Festival) next year.

‘History is in the making, stay tuned!’